Who am I?

Hi! My name is Paul. Here’s a few things about me:

  • 👨‍💼 Ex-Cube Dweller: I’m a former CPA that worked in accounting and corporate finance for a number of years at places like Deloitte, PepsiCo, & General Mills.

  • 💻 Business Starter: Corporate life left me feeling empty. And on top if that, it didn’t result in much wealth creation. I was thoroughly freaked out that my next 20 working years would be the same as the first 10 and decided the best odds for an escape was to start a business. I started small and put one foot in front of the other.

  • 🛒 Business Seller: Long story short, my business grew from an initial $5k to a seven-figure business which I eventually sold. It was a life-changing blessing.

  • 👪 Investor/Consultant/Parent/Human: Now I spend my time parenting an amazing little person, doing e-com consulting for brands that want to get big on Amazon, and investing. I have a considerable amount of freedom which is all I ever wanted. I’ve always been an investing nerd so it’s been fun to have the time and resources to focus on this hobby.

You can listen to me on the My First Million podcast here or check out this Forbes article if you want learn more about my story.

What to expect?

the curious investor is a bit like my personal investor journal.

Here’s the type of content to expect:

  • Curation of interesting investing and personal finance information

  • Interviews with smart and unique people in the investing world

  • Discussion around a variety of asset classes: public markets, real estate, venture capital, and more

  • Transparency about I invest in and why (e.g. my first VC investment, how I invest & my current portfolio)

    More than anything I aim to write about investing and personal finance ideas and people I find interesting.

    The Search for Truth

    I was listening to a great video featuring Gavin Baker the other day. He said a lot of things that stuck in my mind (you can read my summary via this thread) but my favorite was about the search for truth.

    Investing, much like life, is all about searching for truth. It’s balancing conviction and flexibility. And as Gavin went on to say, humility and flexibly are key ingredients to being a good investor. That probably applies to being good at life as well. Stay humble. Stay flexible.

    This newsletter series is my search for truth so thanks for joining me on the ride.

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Paul Andersen
Dad | Husband | Entrepreneur ✌️