Forget location. Silicon Valley has blown up and destroyed so much capital between crypto, Theranos and others. The real problem is that GP's can't get enough of what prospective LP's are thinking, sourcing etc. I started a club towards this but I sidestep doing the GP/LP dance by doing commercial finance right now (micro VC included but asset backed) , its not something I have enough time for until

I've only just noticed how old this post is but something on twitter got me on here today lol. The backbone of everything I'm doing is remote-based geoarbitrage. Remote is already something every worker wants but companies are resisting, meanwhile capital is still largely geo-based and overwhelmingly centered in the US at US level costs and risks.

Its on my plate to write "how to cheat at funding startups" sometime fairly soon :)

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Great piece and analysis - would love to chat.

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